In 2014, Aaron released his very first EP 《守护》(To Protect).

In that album, Aaron sang about young, foolish and crazy love, with songs like 《回心转意》(A Change Of Heart), and his EP title song《守护》(To Protect).

It has taken Aaron another 6 long years before finally releasing his 2nd album - 《年纪》(Age) - this year in 2020.

This album is close to Aaron’s heart, as the songs talk about love and its many forms. However, this is not the familiar kind of young tender love that has been sung of by many, but a bittersweet love that we can only comprehend with the passing and accumulation of time and age.

When Aaron was young and in love, he used to think that we only experienced love in 2 forms: we fall in love, and we fall out of love. But with the passing of time came the accumulation of experience, and love was no longer just black or white, but it existed in a multitude of shades, colours and forms. Aaron began to appreciate that the best love for us may not be sweet, and the sweetest love may not be the best.

The 4 songs in this 《年纪》EP - Age, It was a Beautiful Day - Sunny and Windy, Ode to Youth, and Decanter of Life - speak from the perspective of someone who has enjoyed love over the years, and has reached a stage in his life when he just wants to spend his life with someone. He no longer wishes to go through the thrills and passions of the rollercoaster of love, but is contented to sip a glass of lovely wine and enjoy the cool breeze and moonlight with his loved one, from the comfort of a shared home.

Aaron decided to name this 2nd EP 《年纪》(Age) , because he feels that a lot of us fear age. We fear our age numbers getting bigger, and we are scared of getting old. However, it is only with the passing of age and time that we gain valuable life experience, and that we also have the opportunity to enjoy a life-changing love. Age is nothing to be feared, but it is something to be embraced, just like how certain wines become more aromatic with age.

May you enjoy Aaron’s 《年纪》(Age) EP, word by word, note by note. And may his voice soothe the ravages of time in your heart, and his songs accompany you like your shadow, in unnoticeable ways, but never leaving your side.

Track Information

1. 守护 (To Protect)
词: 林艳心 / 曲: 冯启胜 / 编曲: Terence Teo / 制作: 冯启胜

主打歌﹐大型Ballad中拍抒情曲。爱﹐不只是一瞬间情绪的沸腾﹐而是每一天意识性的选择。 两个人相识相爱不容易﹐守护着你﹐爱才完整。 

This mid-tempo power ballad is the title track for this EP. Love is not just a momentary rush of emotions, but a commitment for a lifetime. The love between two people is only complete when there is a conscious effort to maintain and protect it.
2. 调色盘 (Palette) 
词: 林艳心 / 曲: 沈雯慧 / 编曲: Kenn C / 制作: 冯启胜

对善于演绎抒情歌曲的伟强﹐这首较有Soft Rock节奏的«调色盘»是个不一样的尝试。 徘徊在拥挤 的城市框框里﹐每一天每一天麻木的机械式的工作﹐都市人总向往着自由,灿烂的人生。但自由是 一种心境﹐重要的是有你在我身旁﹐ 最平凡色彩也会发亮。 

This soft rock song entitled Palette allows Aaron to step out of his comfort zone, as his specialty lies in ballads and slower songs. Trapped in their hectic and mundane city lives, city dwellers yearn to break free. But freedom is ultimately a state of mind. With you beside me, the most ordinary colours will illuminate like a rainbow.
3. 回心转意 (A Change of Heart)  
词: 蓝洁敏 / 曲: 冯启胜 / 编曲: Terence Teo / 制作: 冯启胜

伟强以最忱恳的声音唱出歌词一字一句所带出的遗憾。盼望着你哪天回心转意﹐ 但也许一切只归 于来不及了。款款深情的歌声加上二胡伴奏﹐这首充满中国古典风的抒情歌曲是不是也触动了你 的心弦? 

With his soulful singing, Aaron conveys the sense of regret depicted in the lyrics. Waiting for the day you have a change of heart. Could it all be too late now? Sincere singing combined with the heart-wrenching sound of the Chinese stringed instrument, er hu, has this Oriental-styled song struck a chord deep in your heart?


年纪 (Age)
林伟强 Aaron Matthew Lim
Release: 24/04/2020

Now available on KKBOX music, Spotify and Apple Music

Album Info

(Ode to Youth)
(It was a Beautiful Day, Sunny and Windy)
(Decanter of Life)

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