Andie 陈邦鋆 in 守护 Music Video

It is my honour to have been able to involve 陳邦鋆 Andie Chen Bangjun as the male lead in the music video for my EP title song 守护 (To Protect).  Click on the news article below to read an online article on about his involvement in my music video, and read the FULL article below to understand more about the ‘sacrifices’ he had to make!  This is also the very first news article to mention my music video!

Aaron Matthew Lim Shou Hu MV Andie Chen Bang Jun

Just to share with everyone, this music video was filmed in Taiwan, with scenes from various places in the country. The scenes involving me were filmed on the lovely beaches of 淡水 (Tam Shui) under the hot sun, and my eyes could barely open then! My light makeup was melting in the heat, and my hair had to be styled every now and then because of the wind! But the outcome is so beautiful and I’m really happy about it. And it felt so good to be walking along the beautiful beaches.. (although it was a little warm doing so under the hot sun in my black woollen vest and dress pants and shoes)

Filming a music video is tough, with so much preparation involved, and with lots of logistics to settle and behind-the-scenes work to go through. But thanks to the folks at Fiction Shore, the whole filming process was fun and exciting for me, and most importantly, stress free!


年纪 (Age)
林伟强 Aaron Matthew Lim
Release: 24/04/2020

Now available on KKBOX music, Spotify and Apple Music

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(Ode to Youth)
(It was a Beautiful Day, Sunny and Windy)
(Decanter of Life)

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