我们的新谣演唱会 2015

我们的新谣演唱会 2015 is a concert featuring many local Xinyao singers and new local singaporean singers, singing songs from the Xinyao generation, and also newer songs that are written by Singaporeans.

Aaron will be performing during this concert on 8th March 2015, 7pm, at Suntec Level 6, together with many local singers who have become known through their famous Xinyao songs. Check out the news article here, where Aaron was interviewed together with a few other local singers and musicians:

我们的新谣 2015_ 16 Dec 2014

Purchase tickets from this link on SISTIC now to support Aaron in his singing adventures, and support Xinyao music!

Check out the Official Synopsis here:

一场回顾与传承新谣的音乐飨宴“我们的新谣”。。并首次邀请“新谣教父”张泛在新谣演唱会上开唱与黎沸挥、潘盈、黄秀玲、邓淑娴、蔡礼莲、黄进福、张家强、柳茂源、潮汐小组、鱼尾狮小组、主流一派、玖健、苏智诚、蔡荣祖、张美香、林倛玉、刘晋旭、唐玉璇、田伟鸿George Chan、汤薇恩等众新谣歌手,华文报合唱团及新加坡武装部队文工团。 这场新谣的音乐飨宴是由2013年词曲创作人协会第18届“卓越贡献奖”得主和资深音乐人玖健制作。新加坡武装部队乐团担任演奏,编曲与指挥。


年纪 (Age)
林伟强 Aaron Matthew Lim
Release: 24/04/2020

Now available on KKBOX music, Spotify and Apple Music

Album Info

(Ode to Youth)
(It was a Beautiful Day, Sunny and Windy)
(Decanter of Life)

Music Video

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林伟强 Aaron – 回心转意 A Change Of Heart 官方 KTV [Official KTV]
林伟强 Aaron – 调色盘 Palette 官方 KTV [Official KTV]
林伟强 Aaron – 守护 To Protect 官方 KTV [Official KTV]
林伟强 Aaron – 回心转意 A Change Of Heart 官方 MV [Official MV]
林伟强 Aaron – 调色盘 Palette 官方 MV [Official MV]
林伟强 Aaron – 守护 To Protect 官方 MV [Official MV]